Having a go.

After many months, maybe even years deliberating, whether to set up a website for Sennicotts and whether to keep a blog, this week I just did it. Without much thought, and when I should have been doing something else, I paid up for 2 years hosting and we were off.

If you are reading this then I ought to confess this is a steep and intentional learning curve. So what I post today is unlikely to be in the same form as content I post in the future. I expect the approach and purpose to evolve.

Five years ago I was mulling over how it is so fashionable/cool to not be seen trying. I sometimes wonder if this was the main thing I learnt at school. We had just had our first child and as I started to think about the values we as a family would try to nurture I couldn’t help but feel we could look back at the end of our days with a degree of satisfaction and even acclompishment if we had lived by the motto ‘Try Hard and Try Again’. I even asked a friend who was a Latin and classics teacher what this would be in Latin. The answer:

‘Multum temptate tum temptate rursum’

So this is what I will do here: try to make this content informative, interesting, entertaining if possible, and if I don’t succeed at first I will try again!

Update 10 years later (September 2019)…

Two very proud parents

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  1. Darling i had no idea that you were interested in Latin? Because you have found out the translation of trying exceptionally hard, does this mean you are thinking about introducing our family to a moto with latin underneath it in a wavy flag??! My family motto was ‘we will rise again’ which only ever indicated to me that we had fallen into some dingy depths in the past from which we had to rise in a very ‘try hard and let everyone no about it’ fashion! So it makes us both very uncool but now it seems we are into blogging! My only concern about this whole thing, is who wants to read it. I feel that i must be about the most boring person on the planet, and have v much discouraged your desire to blog – ‘write a journal’ I kept saying – ‘why do you have to go public’. I think you just like to type, and there is a thrill about technology that keeps you from the washing up! So darling, am i aloud to talk to you through this? It might be a good way for us to communicate actually, rather than disturbing you while you are blogging…….dont forget we are going out for dinner tonight, and we leave at 7 45!! xx

  2. Guys,

    Just chanced upon this website!
    How are the drains?

    Suze xxx