A little trip to Spain

El Bulli
El Bulli

So it was totally over indulgent and there are lots of sensible reasons why one shouldn’t have gone but from the moment Mr Arengo-Jones left the message on my phone┬áI knew it wasn’t an opportunity you miss.

The next thing we knew there was a surreal moment of the four of us meeting at Heathrow and heading to Barcelona for a meal at El Bulli. The levels of expectation and excitment could only have meant we would be dissapointed by at least some of the 35 courses, or the atmosphere or the service, or something. So it is with some astonishment that I can say that every course exceeded almost anything I can remember ever eating.

The most usual question is, “what was on the menu?” Yet that is the wrong question because whatever the course was called the description doesn’t even begin to take you close to the experience. I have attached the menu here but I can guarantee it doesn’t tell you much. Which is why I put together this short video. It doesn’t describe the food because the words again are not sufficient but it gives you an idea of the atmosphere. As Olly said beforehand, “fizzing!”, and an experience not to be missed … whatever it takes

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