Evinrude eTec outboard corrosion problems

The engine runs well
The corrosion

Has anyone else had an ongoing corrosion problem with Evinrude eTec engines?

The corrosion occurs on the mid section of the leg causing the paint to blister and flake off.

We have had this problem repaired twice already and in a matter of months the problem is back. The second repair involved the paint being properly baked on but still the problem returned.

We treat the engine with great care flushing it through regularly and keeping it stored under cover vertically (to drain fully). We are told the problem is isolated and no one else is having this problem with their eTec engine. Is this true?

We are running an eTec 200 (model number E200DHXSDS) with about 200 engine hours and the serial number is 05124808.

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