Majestically bowing out

Every now and then a loud groaning, creaking noise can be heard at Sennicotts. It often happens in the middle of the night and is followed immediately by silence.

To start with we struggled to identify this noise but over the last few years we have managed to work it out. It is the sound of a grand old Horse Chestnut loosing a limb, out in the park.

There is no crashing or smashing noise, just a graceful easing to the ground of some fully laden bows.

Today saw us wake to find the largest, oldest remaining trunk had been laid down, hardly breaking a twig. The new shape remains majestic and we’ll probably wait as long as we can before the chainsaw screams into life hopefully allowing us to keep the remaining glory of this tree going for years to come.

The sheep love being able to feast on the once out of reach leaves.

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