Fatal road accident outside our gate

We were very saddened to see a bunch of flowers laid outside our entrance on the main road.

We knew there had been an accident at the weekend but that is not really newsworthy on this dangerous stretch of road with multiple junctions.

Although we know nothing about the accident or those involved, this trajedy affects us more personally being so close to home.

What the bereaved might not want to hear is that we have been asking for the safety of this stretch of road to be taken more seriously by West Sussex Highways for years. However, our warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

The response has always been that reducing speed limits is not considered until the level of fatalities hits a trigger level. This rediculous policy completely fails to take into account that this is both a dangerous junction with regular accidents and it is difficult for drivers to negotiate safely.

In other words, it is a fatal accident waiting to happen which no statistics will show but which is plain to see if you use the road.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends affected by this accident.

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