Why didn’t we think of this before

Damage to the Cypress trees caused by the deer

We have been so careful with our Cypress trees. First letting them get used to the climate in the walled garden then planting them out 18 months later.

They have taken very well and we have been very pleased with them. But then just as we started to see their trunks gaining strength they get massacred by the deer.

The deer have used all but two of them as rubbing posts and as a result the bark has been badly damaged.

We have lost one and two will be on their way having been totally ringed.

What I can’t believe is how slow we have been to come up with a solution of the four protective posts. Time will tell if they keep the deer away but at least they will continue to let the trees sway in the wind and strengthen their trunks further.

Our previous attempts had included repellent chemicals, fishing line (the children kept getting garroted), and a security light. None of which worked

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