Delivery of bad news

Andy, our postman, delivered some sad news today. His post round is being changed and he will no longer be delivering our post.

While this might sound trivial, the context of this news is that Andy has been delivering the post to Sennicotts since about 1982. During nearly 30 years of deliveries to Sennicotts, Andy has epitomised all that we think of fondly about the British postal service. He has been consistent, reliable, helpful, cheerful, flexible, trustworthy and friendly (even when Elo reversed into his van!).

I like to think of myself as someone who embraces change but I have found myself feeling all the thoughts of someone who wants to resist this change: for instance the injustice of the fact that his round is being moved so it will start two doors further down the road. Surely we could move the boundary for the round by two houses so we could keep Andy!

The truth is we will just miss him. He’s a very good postman and a very likeable person. The sort that gives you hope in humanity and community.

I’m sure his replacement will also be excellent but we will still miss Andy for the time being.

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