Can you change the time of your ‘constitutional’

This one is for my sister-in-law – the only person who has admitted she reads any of this.

Some people do it whenever the need arises but quite a few people would call themselves ‘regular’ both in frequency and time of day.

Many people don’t mind when. But some are very precious about their regular appointment with the facilites. It is a sacred time of the day and therefore needs to be chosen carefully for optimum peace and quiet.

So is there an ability to choose this time. What if our circumstances change? Can we change ‘our time’?

I do have an interest in the answer to this question but on this occaison it’s not my timing I want to change but someon else’s.

You see the problem comes at the same time every day. Like clockwork I can almost guarantee that halfway through high-teatime, which we are trying to enjoy as a family meal, our youngest daughter has an explosion. The event destroys any enjoyment of our mealtime together. It has to be dealt with and on returning to the table you can guarantee you’ve lost your appetite.

So can it be done? Can you change some else’s timing and if so can someone please tell me how?

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