This looks like trouble

Water frozen in the downpipe
"I can't remember the last time I saw the water in the downpipes freeze."

I was going to post a nice white snowy scene however I thought this photograph was more indicative of this very unusual cold spell.

Like many, I’ve been saying, “I can’t remember the last time …” etc. (With so many of us saying the same thing I can already hear a Michael McIntyre sketch in the making!) but I really can’t remember the combination of heavy snow and the continuing cold conditions like this.

I do fear the attached photo is the sign of some real problems. We already have water coming through the roof which should have been sorted before Christmas except the roofer doesn’t like the cold. The ice initially gives us a break but if the snow on the roof starts to melt before the ice in the downpipe (our loft insulation is good but not perfect) I’m not sure where the water in the valleys is going to go?

UPDATE (16:35) I’ve just come down from the roof. It turns out that my fears about the downpipe being blocked wasn’t really a problem. Why? because the valleys are all full of ice so melt water can’t even get to the top of the downpipe! Sure enough the water has found another place to get in although only in very small quantities thankfully. So I’ve just cleared the main valley¬†but even as I was working the water was starting to freeze again so no doubt they will be full of ice again tomorrow.

This game does tend to take the joy out of these beautiful conditions.

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