New PM

There was sense, while listening to our new Prime Minister’s maiden speech outside 10 Downing St, that we were all looking to her and her new cabinet to sort out all our problems. 

The language is all about how ‘I will do…’ this and that. This is all good but somewhat at odds to leadership in the real world. 

Surely part of being a leader is letting us know what we all would be best spending our time doing. 

A general going into battle would sound very odd giving a speech about what he (or she) was about to go and do. Clearly those listening would be told about what ‘we’ are going to do and how ‘you’ are going to play your part. 

Interestingly, I can’t help thinking that Churchill’s best known speeches were about what ‘we will…’ do. 

Why can’t it be about ‘we’ in peacetime and surely now is as good a peacetime challenge as any to enlist the ‘we’. After all if we all take ownership of the future we have a chance of making this Brexit thing work. 

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