New lease of life for our garden machinery

I was checking out a go-karting expedition online this month and found myself browsing the company’s tech blog. In it they were discussing a problem they had with the 250,000ltrs of fuel they purchase each year.

The go-karts kept loosing power and then stalling.

This struck a chord as a number of our two-stroke engines in the garden machinery seem to be running poorly despite us taking the usual running and maintenance precautions.

In the karting tech-blog they were explaining that the current requirement to add at least 5% ethanol to unleaded causes problems if your fuel system has any moisture in it. The ethanol mixes with the water creating a sludge that causes the running problems. The solution was cited as occasionally adding a product called Wynns Dry Fuel.

I rushed out and purchased some Dry Fuel and sure enough we are already seeing improvements in the garden machinery.

Couldn’t help wondering how much garden machinery servicing could be avoided or improved with this knowledge.

For a fuller explanation of the issue see the tech blog here.

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