£1,736.03 raised for the National Gardens Scheme

It wasn’t the warmest day of the year but a hardy 284 tickets were sold to our adult guests at the gate and together we raised £1,736 with all proceeds from the gate and the teas going to the NGS charity.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

A big thank you too, to our team of volunteers who helped on the day and were hard at work in the build up baking our delicious cakes.

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Lots to see

It’s brightening up and we’re ready for our visitors this afternoon.

There is loads of colour and although we should be calling it summer there is a wonderful spring feeling here with the blossom and a chorus of bird song.

Here are some photos taken moments ago to give you a taste.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Fantastic display from the pocket handkerchief tree

Davidia, May 2010
The Davidia's 'handkerchiefs'

This Spring is proving a great opportunity to see some plants at their very best. The longer, harder, colder winter we experienced this year has seen some plants look happier than they have done in years. The apple blossom for instance and the handkerchief tree or Davidia involuctrata.

This tree had never produced a ‘handkerchief’ until 5 years ago, and while it has got better each year, this year it is putting on a fantastic display.

The Davidia in full spring glory. May 2010. Known as the Handkerchief or Dove tree.
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Sennicotts Garden opening for the NGS on 9th May 2010

National Garden's Scheme Opening 2009
Visitors enjoying Sennicotts gardens in May 2009

The gardens at Sennicotts near Chichester in West Sussex will be open to the public for the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) on

Sunday 9th May 2010

from 2-6pm

Tickets are available on the gate and cost £4 per adult (100% of which will go to the NGS charity).

Teas will be on sale with excellent homemade cake, and all of the proceeds will also go to the NGS charity.

Children are welcome and tickets are free for under 18s.

We look forward to seeing you at 2pm.

To find out more check the NGS Yellow Book or follow the link here

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Record numbers for Sennicotts NGS opening in 2009

Some good things have come out of this recession, and in this instance I am referring to the Sennicotts Gardens National Gardens Scheme opening in 2009.

Presumably due to the recession and a reduced appetite for travel abroad the numbers of people attending our garden opening in May 2009 were significantly higher than usual. Roughly double the numbers. Which meant this year we welcomed over 600 people in four hours one sunny Sunday afternoon in May.

It would also be perfectly possible that the high turnout was partly caused by the word getting out about the quality of the homemade cakes on sale! Predominantly made with the eggs from Sennicotts chickens and ducks and by Jeanne Jupp and her assistants they are exceptionally good and the whole proceeds of tea and cake sales goes directly to the NGS.

The afternoon went very smoothly with the exception of the traffic jam on opening when 60 cars were clocked arriving in the first 15 minutes. We apologise if you were in this queue.

We were therefore thrilled to be able to raise £3,000 for the NGS on this single afternoon – our record for a single day.

Many thanks to all who attended.

Do please get in touch if you lost anything while enjoying the gardens (web enquiry email)

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