We have ducklings

a5k9169a5k9185Having thought the crows had stolen all the eggs from the Duck’s nest it was a fantastic surprise to find a week later four little ducklings running around under the Yew trees.

They are doing very well and their mother is very protective and rightly proud.

We might have some chicks to follow. Watch this space.

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Funtington Fete at Sennicotts – Sat 9th July

Funtington Fete at Sennicotts. Saturday 9th July at 2pm.
Funtington Fete at Sennicotts

Gates open at 2pm

Activities and stalls include:

  • Dog show and Terrier Racing
  • Bat the Rat, Bouncy Castle, Bowling, Darts, Duck fishing, Face painting, Raffle, Sponge cake roulette, Tombola, Treasure Hunt
  • Ice cream, Nearly New Clothes, Cold drinks tent, Produce, Plants & Flowers, Refreshments, Snack bar

Stall Holders include:

  • Oldwick Saddlery, Sybil Grindrod Art, Sudzfun, Shepherd’s Delight, Julie Rooker Cards, Shirley Faure Art, Kirsty Edwards Children’s Clothes, Aloe Vera, Bee Society, Clock Trust, Susi Laan Charity

Dogs will be allowed in the park and must be kept on leads at all times.

Free Parking

Funtington Fete Stalls to the West
Funtington Fete Stall Holders
Funtington Fete Stalls to the North of walled garden
Funtington Fete Stall Holders
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Is anybody listening?

Within the last month the Chichester Observer has carried two front page stories reporting on two serious accidents on the B2178. The first involved a serious injury and the second involved serious injuries and a fatality.

Chichester Observer 8th June 2011

Chichester Observer 13th May 2011

Since arriving in 2004 we have seen many accidents on this road. Everyone who uses the road regularly knows how dangerous it can be. Local residents have made constant representations to West Sussex Highways.

Yet the only response is there have not been enough fatalities to move the issue up the priority list. Once at the top of this list speed restriction measures etc will be considered.

To be fair some action was taken about a year ago – they took away the anti-skid red surface across the Hunters Race and Salthill Road junctions. Apparently this was a safety measure.

The real concern is the number of near misses that take place on a weekly basis. People overtaking cars turning right, cars pulling out in front of other cars, and emergency braking maneuvers are all part of every day life on this junction.

A simple bit of observation is all the Highways team need to adopt to make a judgement on how to prevent this road rising to the top of the fatalities list. Better still they could run the gauntlet in their own cars a few times.

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No rain to speak of for a month – or was that two?

Now, today listening to the pitter, patter outside feels weirdly refreshing. It makes you want to go and paddle.

Extraordinary weather patterns.

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Don’t try this at home

Every year I look at the daffodils, once they have gone over, and think we must be able to do better than we are. The flattened mess seems to hang around for ever.

So what do you do when you have a wedding reception when the daffodils are at their worst?


Mini haystacks.

But after nearly four hours I’m not sure I can recommend it. We’ll have one more go next year, tying them before they collapse, and see if it is any easier then.

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Only human

Joshy walking on the roof“We are a developed nation, yet when we have snowfall, it all falls apart.” Someone quoted by the BBC in response to the roads being blocked by the snow and cold temperatures.

Why do some people appear so threatened by our civilised life being disprupted by the elements and yet for others it makes them feel alive?

Surely being defeated by the elements reminds us we are only human and not gods.

So why then do we often feel far more alive knowing our humanity and often so lifeless playing god?

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