Vegetable dilemma

Mallard nesting in walled garden
spot the duck

Every year in the spring a single pair of wild Mallard ducks visit us. Usually their stay is for no more than 2 weeks.

We don’t know where they come from or where they leave us for but we’ve become attached to their annual visit. Another sign of spring.

This year however they look like they want to extend their stay. They have built a nest in the walled garden and laid six eggs. The nest is located right by the main doorway into the walled garden and no amount of human traffic and noise appears to unsettle the sitting mother.

The dilemma is whether we value our veg or our visitors more?!



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The Funtington Fete

This could possibly be the best fete ever. Huge amounts of hard work have gone into the planning and set up.

There is real ale, Pimms, tea, cakes and fresh produce. For the children there’s a bouncy castle, dog racing, a treasure hunt and loads more – a whole afternoon of entertainment for the family.

And all in a great cause to help Funtington Church and Village Hall raise funds.

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We have ducklings

a5k9169a5k9185Having thought the crows had stolen all the eggs from the Duck’s nest it was a fantastic surprise to find a week later four little ducklings running around under the Yew trees.

They are doing very well and their mother is very protective and rightly proud.

We might have some chicks to follow. Watch this space.

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